Will's Works

Warning: This is a work in progress, I finally regained control of my site from 1and1.com after a year long fight. I am porting pages to this google-sites page. There will be a number of dead links until all the files are copied and updated. Worse, due to the odd way google sites handles *.htm files most of the old paths have changed removing the *.htm extension from the file name in any old links you or someone else may have saved. This means external links people had to my old pages will fail. Most pages will be restored to their original logical location, but without the original .htm extension.

Hello. I'm a retired programmer who used to try to solicit contract work from people with my web pages. I've removed that section from these page since I've given up the work ethic. I still do dabble with computers in my couch potato mode, but only for my own enjoyment rather than as wage slave. I've left the information below up as a bookmark system, and because occasionally someone finds some of it of interest. Periodically I do add 'new' content but its typically about old programs.

If you do find something of interest I'm happy to natter about these things with net neighbors, send email.

These pages are not updated often, and as a result of that you are likely to find dead links. Sorry but in my declining years I am not very energetic :-).

Couch Potato Activity

I have a perverse interest in obsolete computers. If its obsolete and was made by DEC, it may be alive and well in my basement. Although I just gave away my spare DECMATE III, you might be interested in a Rainbow 100A or a nice full blown IBM XT ? I have a good deal of experience with the Rainbow, PDP-11 series and IBM PC clones. I've also dabbled with CPM and Linux (not obsolete, but not quite mainstream yet either).

Shareware is nice, but freeware is even better. There many people contributing to this trend. I even offer up some utilities and file format information I've created on the pages below. This is a collection of links to sites and software I found interesting. They are separated according to the area's of interest below:

The Great Outdoors

The activities above are secondary to running rivers. The vehicle of choice is a kayak, but I have been known to get in an open boat or a raft. I'm a member of the Merrimack Valley Paddlers, and suggest you visit their web page if interested in a club in NH. They have rolling sessions, training trips, and 'social' functions. Most trips are now scheduled via the FaceBook page. Although the older MVP Message Board still exists and gets some use. I can recommend a couple on-line sources of water level information:

With the advent of digital cameras there seems to be a pretty good white water photo gallery on the net. If you're interested I'd start at one of the sites below. They tend to have references to more. Or check out my FaceBook Albums as more than half of these are boating pictures.

If you are in NH when the water is running, especially if available during the middle of the week for a quick recreational run, let me know. Rivers often run at odd times and it can be hard to find shuttle partners in the middle of the week.