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You are welcome (encouraged) to send me personal email regarding topics discussed on my web pages. If you don't mind please include at least your country and possibly your state/country/territory. With some of my more obscure software I get mail from all over and its interesting tracking the source. Please send email to the following address:
will_kranz at

Sorry, you've got to cut and paste the address above. I've been getting way too much junk email and have been told to remove automatic HTML addresses such as

because automated systems scan web pages looking for these. My user name and server above are separated by the string " at " which must be replace by '@' to create a valid address. Sorry to make you do a little extra work, but maybe this will cut down on the amount of spam I receive.

If interested, you can obtain more information about fighting spam at the following locations:
Spam-l discussion group
Spam Recycling

If you are emailing me some solicitation I have not requested, please don't. It will go directly to the trash.

You won't find my phone number or postal address on these pages, but I feel the same way about telephone and mail solicitations.